Distance Education Support Links

Students should feel free to approach the instructor with concerns or questions about special needs or considerations that fall outside of the services listed here. All information shared will be kept confidential. For complete information on undergraduate student services at Virginia Tech, please see the Division for Student Affairs. Graduate students, please see the Graduate School.

Resources for Virtual Students

Several graduate programs are offered online and many of those students have little to no access to the Blacksburg or our other campus sites. Below are resources and information tailored for the virtual student population.


Academic Support Services

Any student requiring academic support should investigate the University’s services. Service areas include: Student Success Center, Multicultural Academic Opportunities Program, Student Athlete Academic Support Services, University Academic Advising Center, and Office of Veterans' Services. There are orientation services for new graduate students and for new or transfer undergraduate students. For tutoring, visit the Student Success Center - 110 Femoyer Hall - dial 231-5499 or their website For career counseling, visit the Career Services, in the Smith Career Center, - dial 231-6241 or refer to their website. For study skills advice, visit Thomas E. Cook Counseling Center, 240 McComas Hall - dial (540) 231-7473.

Technical Support

Though all instructors should be proficient with the technologies they use for their courses, they are not expected to provide technical support for students. Requests for technical support and/or Canvas support will be addressed though the help button on the lower left of any Canvas screen. VT-specific technology support can be directed to 4Help via the Help Request Form or by calling (540) 231-HELP (4357).

Accessibility and Accommodations for Special Needs

Instructors of technology-enhanced courses are expected to build their online instructional materials with accessibility for all students in mind. Text should be structured appropriately to be read by screen-reading technology; alt-text should be provided for all images; captions or transcripts should at minimum be available upon request. For students who may need further accommodations, the university provides Services for Students with Disabilities. For more information about accessibility at Virginia Tech, please visit the Accessibility at Virginia Tech site. For more information about accessibility policies associated with our Learning Management System, Canvas, please visit Canvas’ Accessibility site.

Library Assistance

The library has extensive help services, including services and guides for those using the library through the Internet. There are several methods to contact a librarian.

Writing Support

The Writing Center -- located on the second floor of Newman Library -- is for all writers. You can go if you have a draft, an outline, or just ideas. You can now make appointments online by setting up an account with WCOnline. In addition, multilingual or international students may be interested in their Conversation Groups. (Click on this option from the drop-down menu on the online appointment page.)

Primary Contacts for Mental or Physical Well-Being

  • Emergencies: Dial 911. Subscribe to campus alerts Emergency Warning System

  • Personal Counseling (including help with drinking, drug abuse, mental health, stress, sexual assault recovery): Thomas E. Cook Counseling Center, 240 McComas Hall - dial (540) 231-7473 or Cook Counseling Center

  • Reporting sexual assault: dial 911 or Student Health Care Center - dial 231-7642 or Women's Center at Price House - dial 231-7806

  • Health Care Appointments:  Schiffert Health Center - dial 231-7642 or Health Care Website

  • Legal Concerns: Student Legal Services - dial 231-4720 or services website