Faculty Credentialing & Course Quality Assurance Review

Credentialing Programs - TLOS: Learning Experience Design (LED) is partnering with TLOS: Professional Development Network (PDN) to offer workshops and sessions connected with teaching and learning allowing faculty to achieve credentialing in the following areas:

  • Preparing to Teach at a Distance
  • Course Quality Assurance

This allows faculty to achieve the credentialing desired for professional advancement, adherence to policies, program and department initiatives and governing agency requirements.

To register for the credentialing programs go to:


Online Course Quality Assurance Review - These options are offered to faculty who have already earned a credential for online learning and have completed at least one online course quality assurance review. These options consist of up to four consultations for diagnostic review of current course components, recommendation for revision and guidance on the submission process. All submissions are due by end of semester and quality assurance review is conducted with those associated with cohorts and working groups. Faculty participating are required to secure one Virginia Tech faculty from within their program or discipline to serve as reviewer. Two other reviewers from LED will also participate to satisfy review requirements. This will assure quality in online learning as per Distance Education Policy and nc-SARA agreements. To promote meeting of standards and requirements for other governing agencies and to satisfy SACS review.

  • Individual - Faculty working independently to obtain quality assurance review for their online course. Faculty are encouraged to join groups or program approaches whenever possible.
  • Group - Faculty working group from within a particular discipline or department working together to obtain a quality assurance review for their online courses.
  • Program - All faculty within an online program for certificate or degree working together to obtain a quality assurance review for all courses.
  • PDN Summer Session (NEW) - This session is designed as three half-day sessions for diagnostics, consultation for revision and submission/review process training.