Faculty Options

Cohort: Interdisciplinary group of faculty developing courses throughout a semester guided and structured through online professional development and weekly consultation with instructional designer. Cohort participation includes commitment to quality assurance review for course and earns certification through NLI.

Faculty Working Groups: Group of faculty from a specific program working together to design or redesign and develop courses within that program over a semester. Groups meet bi-weekly for group session and individual consultation with instructional designer. Working Group participation includes commitment to quality assurance review of courses and earns certification through NLI. Working group support is customized for individual program needs.

Networked Learning Initiatives (NLI) Certification Programs: Learning Experience Design offers several certificate options through Networked Learning Initiatives (NLI). Real-time meetings are connected through online professional development. Programs result in reviewed and potentially revised course structure, learning activities, assessments, etc. as determined by faculty.

These programs do not result in full course development or include quality assurance review for courses but are excellent opportunities to explore and begin development and teaching of courses for online, blended and technology-enhanced classrooms.

Registration is available through NLI at https://app.nli.tlos.vt.edu/registration/all_courses/. Please search for Learning Experience Design to locate the Teaching Mastery Certification programs.

Individual Consultations: Faculty can schedule up to three individual one-hour consultations with LED staff for instructional design, referral to LED services, challenges with individual course elements such a learning activities, teaching with technology, assessments, etc. If more than three one-hour consultations are required, faculty are invited to join one of the semester-long options for course design and development or certification programs.

Presentation for Departments, Programs or Faculty Meetings: Learning Experience Design will be happy to present on our options and services at your department, program or faculty meetings.

For more information or to arrange for any of our services, please contact us at ledcontact@vt.edu or call (540) 231-5004.