I participated in both the online and the cohort experiences and certainly feel more adept at online teaching as a result. I appreciated the way online teaching started with the course goals and objectives and the online component was built from there - instead of forcing an existing class into an online structure, I learned how to build an online class from the ground up.
I am proud of having earned the NLI-LED Mastery of Online Teaching Certificate via VT TELOS/IT division (2-semester commitment—(01-05-18 & 08-12-18) [Networked Learning Institute-Learning Experience Design]. I cite this certification at my course sites. Because of Daron Williams’ outstanding tutoring and extreme patience, I was able to make it through this learning hurdle to the other side where I continue to learn. Thanks very much!

12 Week Cohort

Highly recommend that you continue offering this, but also consider offering bootcamps on blended courses...
In my 22 years at VT, this is definitely one of the most useful continuing ed type courses/workshops I've participated in
This work led to a published paper at SIGCSE'19 that won third place in its category ("Curriculum development"). Larry Cox was a co-author on the paper:  PythonSneks: An Open-Source, Instructionally-Designed Introductory Curriculum with Action-Design Research.
I do think the experience helped me produce a better on line class than I could have if I had attempted it on my own.
You all are great to work with. Here's a soundbite:  TLOS has been an excellent resource for course creation/editing using the LMS, information to increase access and equity to a variety of learners who wish to pursue online education, and one-on-one assistance. I enjoyed the cohort style program, it offered the faculty participants the time, space, and permission to improve current information and learn new ways to engage with online learners.
I think I mention this on every survey I fill out, so I apologize for mentioning it again!  The biggest obstacle I have had is with captioning.  For context, this is a very content heavy course and very equation / math based.  The Kaltura captions are ok, but need severe editing.  I have found the majority of my time has gone (and continues) to go toward editing these captions and not the most effective use of my time in course preparation.  There are possible options through LED, but require departments paying for the service.  It would be nice if the University would allocate some budget to LED / SSD to cover the costs needed to make material fully accessible.
 I appreciate the time and support you provided beyond the designated instructional time and activities.  My course is better and my students will benefit.  I look forward to developing another class with you in the future!


I also used what I practiced in the boot camp when I was upgrading my course design for the fall and then again this semester. I wanted to double check that all of the students' tasks were aligned with the course objectives and overarching goal. I wanted to make sure I wasn't having them complete activities and assignments that didn't align. Even though I do this each semester already based on my experience and what I "know"I think going through this practice was good for me and helped me to move away from "gut feelings" towards a more organized approach to my course designs and evaluations. I use what I learned for my face-to-face courses as well.

6 Week

Daron and other members of the team helped me organize my Canvas site in a way that was very easy for my students to navigate - something that is critical in an online course. I also learned how to attend to accessibility issues that are unique to an online course - that was very helpful.
Helpful suggestions and instruction about items I wouldn’t have considered.